Akshay Kumar’s Shocking Kick on Social Media #BottleCapChallenge

While Bollywood superstar and player Kumar Akshay is fame for his superb fitness on one side, his heart-thrusting stunts are also in the limelight. In such a scenario, the scene of one such staunch stunt of Akshay is covered on the social media, in which he made a bottle of lid from his kick and the particular thing is that the bottle did not get too much from this kick.         


Indeed, on social media, often new trends tend to be trending. Now that #BottleCapChallenge is trending fast. The person who takes the challenge in the Challenge has to open the Bottle Lid without bottle bottom by a round kick.

Actor Jason Statham of Hollywood's superhit movie 'Fast and Furious' shared a video with #BottleCapChallenge on his Instagram. The social media became more impressive.

After this the turn was Bollywood’s player Kumar, that Akshay Kumar’s … Akshay also shared the video to open the bottle lid by kick-off on his Instagram, bypassing #BottleCapChallenge. Akshay said while sharing the video that I could not stop myself from doing this. In this video I am inspired by my Idol Jason.
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