FATWA issue on TMC MP Nusrat, who arrived in the Rath Yatra

nusrat jahan
New Delhi: TMC’s recently chosen MP and entertainer Nusrat Jahan achieved the Ishkhan sanctuary today, where he venerated the puja. 
During this time West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was likewise present. Nusrat Jahan later conversed with journalists also. He stated, “I am honored that God has given me the opportunity.Youth India represents comprehensive India, secularism, mankind, I am thankful to ISKCON for welcoming me, sister (Mamta Banerjee) comes to Eid yet in it During this time Nusrat Jahan said on the updates on issuing fatwa, “I don’t focus on those things which are ridiculous. I know my religion. I am a Muslim from birth am as yet a Muslim.
 This is about confidence. You need to feel it with your heart and not with your psyche. “Nusrat has given his response to the updates on issuing fatwa along these lines, and numerous remarks have been begun his remarks.
Prior, a group of Deoband pastors had additionally issued a fatwa against Nusrat Jahan. Nusrat, an occupant of Basirhat, West Bengal, had achieved Vermilion just because on June 25.
 Also, in the wake of making the vow they called ‘Vande Mataram’. Nusrat where he wedded businessperson Nikhil Jain in Turkey in June and after some days he had made vow in Parliament. 
In this association, the pastors had asserted that Nusrat, where he wedded in Jainism, offended Islam and portrayed his garments as ‘non-Islamic’.
 Jamadia Shaikh ul Hind’s Mufti Assad Qasmi guaranteed, “Muslims can be hitched to Muslims and they can just bow to Allah, there is no spot for Vande Matram, Manglesutra and vermilion in Islam and these things Against religion. ‘

Discussion on the garments of MP and entertainer Nusrat Where, the response to the inquiries raised

Reacting to the reactions where tweeted on Saturday night (Nusrat Jahan), “Focusing on the announcements of fan of any religion or giving input is just to advance scorn and savagery and history is its observer.
 Which is past the extent of station, statement of faith and religion. I am as yet a Muslim and ought not tell anybody what I should wear … religion is past garments. ” Let me tell that an enormous number of individuals, including the ladies chiefs of the decision BJP, upheld the where.
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